DW1: Ballistic Templars

Aleria dressed in more practical traveling garb and we started tracking the beastmen and their captives. This led us to getting utterly lost until we wandered to Calmfork.

There we met with the local high priest of Church of the People. Upon learning about the lost artifact he started assessing the damage. Asammun interrupted by pushing him into telling him about undead.

We went drinking in an establishment called The Empty Purse. Aleria cured Thølien of his hunger-induced weakness and chased away surrounding wenches. Lur realized, through trial and error, that coloured glass is not in vogue in the area. Aleria fell asleep against Thølien’s shoulder.

The next morning, Asammun got wind of a missing persons case in the city involving the undead. Lur found a wizard to analyze the casket she’d been carrying.

Meanwhile, Aleria and Thølien went to have a friendly chat with the high priest. He wasn’t very eager to let Aleria go, so the two adventurers started tearing the place apart.

Thølien started flinging templars out of the office window while Aleria snuck out and misdirected the reinforcements. Afterward they looted the office of correspondence and 789 coin. Then they walked out dressed as nuns.

After a hurried shopping spree, Aleria and Thølien went to the Canal Ward to find Asammun.

Meanwhile, Asammun was puttering around the district and got mauled into the canal by a giant abomination of a creature. The others appeared and kicked the things furry, tentacled arse-equivalent and adjourned to the wizard’s lounge for tea.


Kohme MuadMouse

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