DW1: Hits and Kisses under the Abbey

Our intrepid adventurers woke up properly hungover (except for Asammun, who was sleep-deprived instead).

Thølien confused Aleria with semi-nudity and Lur convinced him that Aleria is a prankster by nature. While Aleria was away to fetch salty food for Lativus Lur and Thølien advised her that Lativus needs booze. Lativus disagreed.

Asammun bought a map “worth ten coins” for a measley three coins. Not a bad discount for a slightly incorrect map. Fortunately Lativus noticed the error after we’d left The Blind Dragon Inn.

Thølien bought two days’ worth of rations with the loot he’d collected from the harpy’s nest, and even got 20 coins in change. Aleria explained the virtues of civilization to Lur, who made her doubt her beliefs in return.

By evening we had ventured a good way into the wilderness. Asammun and Lur had some disagreements which culminated in them wrestling on top of a treetrunk we were using to cross a river. As a result, over half of our food fell into the river and was swept away. A pissed off Lativus went hunting but got her foot stuck in some rocks. A well-fed Sandy led the rest of us to her rescue.

As we approached the abbey we were running out of food, and when Lur offered to sell some from her personal supply, another argument took shape. When the disagreement was at its loudest, Aleria and Thølien noticed someone spying on them and then running away. They followed Lur in a headlong charge into the bush. Aleria ended up hanging from a rope by her ankle and Lur disappeared into the wilderness. Lativus and Aleria kept fumbling with the trap while Thølien and Asammun see that we had been acting exactly according to the enemy’s plan. Thølien and Asammun freed Aleria and Lativus with a flourish.

While Lur was feasting on the satyr scout she’d felled somewhere in the distance, the rest of us were attacked by another satyr force with the apparent intent of capturing us. We fought them off and Thølien managed to capture one. Asammun tried to knock it out but managed to snap its neck. Lativus’ cavalier attitude upset Aleria to the extent that she wandered off, got lost immediately and had to be fetched by Lativus.

Lur returned to fix satyrs into rations.

We reached the Abbey of St. Rona. It had been robbed, defiled and burned, apparently by followers of The Mother of Monsters. In the dorms we found the bodies of two older nuns (Sister Trista and Sister Varna). Hence, thirty nuns still missing.

Since the nuns would’ve retreated to the catacombs, we headed that way. In the main corridor we found the naked, defiled body of Sister Khern hung upside down from the ceiling. Asammun blundered into her and got covered in corpse-juice.

In a prepatorium we found an improvised kitchen. Aleria recognized the decomposing thigh of Sister Nadra from a distinctive birthmark. Angered by this Aleria hastened off toward the mausoleums and ran into a minotaur-like beastman. It got cut down quickly. Onwards we went.

On the way we heard yapping noises and set up an ambush for the approaching hyena-men. We crushed them and went on to examine the defiled burial hall beyond. There we found the very fresh, long-suffering body of Sister Gerda. and onwards.

In one alcove we found Sisters Pieta and Kara, shivering and scared stiff, but alive and whole. We told them to stay hidden.

We found a tomb that struck Aleria as peculiar. Within we found a hidden stairs under the sarcophagus.

Faced with a choice in avenues, we questioned the nuns rather sternly and found out there was something unholy stored underneath the Abbey. Apparently the nuns were kept there. And down we went.

… Into a hidden archive of Unpleasant Things.

We found our way through to a chamber with an empty pedestal, which apparently held whatever the beast-men were looking for. Aleria saw the warding runes around the chamber that was keeping things both from coming or going.

We took our lich-bundle into fitting-looking chamber. Thølien and Asammun got thoroughly zapped by a trap on the door, but eventually they got it open. Inside lay a dais bearing a steelbound oak chest.

When healing Thølien, Aleria felt the favour of Haridalr course through her. With a kiss. An all-round confusing kiss.

Spurred by divinely inspired curiosity and the awkwardness of the moment Aleria hastened inside the chamber and to the box. Thølien felt the touch of our undead cargo in his mind and heard the spirit call eagerly for us to put his remains in the box. Aleria asked it if this chamber would satisfy its needs. When it cried “Yes!” she pushed the chest down to slam onto the floor and placed the spirit’s remains onto the dais. She and Lur grabbed the chest and the whole party ran for the door.

Enraged, the spirit possessed Lativus and stabbed Thølien, nearly killing him. It then jumped into Lur and bashed Aleria before it had to return to its remains, for Thølien pushed the door shut with a mighty effort.

It was clear the 19 missing nuns had been taken elsewhere along with whatever artifact they had come to steal, so having contained the spirit, we collected the chest and the two surviving nuns, and left the catacombs.


Kohme MuadMouse

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