DW1: Escape from Calmfork

Lativus tracked our meandering trail until it strayed off down a faerie path. She backtracked and suffered through hunger and inclement weather, and eventually ended up in Calmfork.

The gates were firmly guarded against people surreptitiously exiting the city. She found out that Aleria was wanted for vandalism and disturbing the peace. Lativus asked to be given a mandate to search for her in the form of two junior templars. With Sandy’s help she tracked us to the Canal Ward, where she saw the mongrel beast that we had killed, and led the templars into the sewers.

Meanwhile, ten feet above Lativus’ head, Asammun decides to macho it up and wrestle Lur to the ground. Lur, in response, wanted to toss the dwarf out the window. As a result, Asammun flew out the window with Lur in his arms, and the pair landed with a splash right behind Lativus and the templars.

After almost killing each other, the squabbling pair are stirred by a templar trying to grab Aleria, who’d run down the stairs, cursing at them to stop. We took out the templars and buggered off, leaving a diarrheic Thølien to guard our coins, box, and Asammun’s armour.

Aleria led the group calmly to an abandoned attic near the river, where we made camp until evening. Aleria gave Lativus an invigourating massage. Waiting for darkness to fall, we perused the high priest’s correspondence.

The letters discussed the war between Southport and Grainstown, and how the conflict should be exacerbated. We discerned that the high priest of New Tower is behind the plot. Apparently the purpose, however, was to distract the people from some greater scheme.

We decided to head after the nuns first, though. Asammun went to meet Thølien and gave him a list of purchases to bring to the rendezvous point.

While we rested, the search for us intensified.

We traipsed over the rooftops to the riverbank and down into the sewers. When we got to about under the wall, we heard a small group of beastfolk. Lur boasted at them and they attacked. We captured the leader, a ratlike man dressed in silk rags, and slaughtered the rest. We promised the leader we’d let him go if he told us where nuns had been taken. Once bribed with Aleria’s leather armour he gladly told us that the nuns had been taken next to a sewer junction beneath the centre of town.

On the way, tentacles as thick as a man’s waist grabbed onto Aleria. She slipped away with her friends’ assistance, but as Lur made the tentacles withdraw, they pulled her down against the grate and tore her legs off. Asammun, unrelenting, plunged down after the beast in spite of Aleria and Lativus’ objections.

Aleria took Lur’s stuff and head, and the pair headed off. Eventually we came to a chamber where 13 nuns were tied down, stripped bare. Above them a massive, malformed heart throbbed.

Suddenly, a badly torn Asammun burst forth from a grate. into the midst of the dozens of cultist surrounding the ritual.


Kohme MuadMouse

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