DW1: This Is the End

Rivermark is under passive siege. New Tower and its allies are “on a picnic” to the south while a few Calmfork reinforcements are trickling down from the north.

At the Golden Tree Inn we decided to find out what the Chruch of the People is planning.-

Aleria identified the high priest of Church of the People from correspondence. The church seemed to be stalling the war. She also noticed we were being shadowed, and when Lativus and Dodge circled back they saw the shadow was a street kid. Dodge offered to double what he was being payed, and the urchin spun a load of crap before buggering off.

Dodge went to visit the temple to case the joint… devoutly. He saw the building had more than enough room for secret corridors, and surmized one of these would lead outside to a mansion.

At night we got jumped by fairly well-equipped thugs, which we quickly trounced, taking one captive. We had to bail out and ditch the prisoner when two patrols of templars converged on us. After a bit of running about we headed for the mansion.

Dodge found a convenient window to gain ingress, but woke up the nubile young woman – the high priest’s mistress – sleeping there. After tackling and drugging her he lowered a rope for the rest of us. After a bit of bumbling by Asammun. Dodge found the entrance to the secret tunnel in the bathroom while Aleria found arcane writings (alludes to The God of Hardship) in a study. We proceeded through the tunnel to the high priest’s office in the temple.

From the papers in the office we surmised that the high priest, in his ambition, was planning to perform a heretical ritual, just so the pope couldn’t show him up. Dodge found a hoard of coin in a chest. The guards outside were alerted. We killed one, quietly nabbed the other, but, on being wouded, Aleria screamed loudly. Quickly we hauled the guards and the contents of the chest into the secret tunnel.

The guard revealed the high priest was performing a ritual of some sort in a cavern under the temple. Asammun and Thølien killed the guard while Aleria put on a nun’s habit. Then we headed for the cavern with Dodge and Aleria quietly slaying the guards on the way.

At the ritual site we found the high priest bumbling about with an eldritch ritual, with a dozen attendants. Dodge tried to sneak up and bludgeon the high priest to death, but all of a sudden the globe of light in the middle of the cavern transformed into an unearthly eye that stared straight at Aleria, who had just lain a divine ward (which involved squeezing her boob with his hand) on Dodge. Meanwhile Asammun yelled commands at the cultists and earned their ire. Battle commenced.

Aleria saw that the globe was a portal to another plane and the creature beyond was paying unusual attention to mere mortals.


Kohme MuadMouse

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