DW2: Sail Away!

Rafael went off to fetch Høwke from jail while Wenna and Ix’i set out to scout out the Sanguine Ray and decided to present Eyfris as cargo and themselves as owner and his human bodyguard. Wenna advised Ix’i on the particulars of looking like a slave trader: bureaucratic competence. confidence and potential for brutality.

Meanwhile, Høwke told the authorities about Yoliena’s poison and was released. This is when Rafael told her to head for the Sanguine Ray, and that he had to return to the temple for disciplinary action. And off she went.

Wenna introduced the lizardling as lord Sa’ah’xi’zett who wanted to talk to the captain of the ship. We were taken to Ivian, a salty middle-aged corsair, an Wenna proceeded to royally mess up the negotiations. Meanwhile, Høwke turned up on board and was led to the captain’s cabin where the rest of us were sweating bullets. With abundant signs of abject obeisance she saved the day. Ivian was flattered by Høwke’s knowledge of his heroic reputation. We were shown to a luxurious cabin (with a fireplace!!!) and traded stories. Høwke told us about Rafael (and we concurred he was at an orgy thanks to Wenna’s “insight”) and that she’d told the crew that lord Sa’ah’xi’zett should be adressed as “His Wisdom”. We proceeded to sample the copious collection of liqueurs provided. Høwke and Eyfris had a good time, while Wenna and Ix’i started hallucinating that they fell into the loneliest burning abyss to mourn their lost freedom and wish for death. Eyfris recognized the substance, called Abyss, as one that her former mistress Marbiaga used on herself for meditation and on some of the mistress’ disfavoured as a fairly extreme form of punishment and persuasion. Høwke also shared an unpleasant experience about being stuck in the snow as a kid.

Just after Ix’i came to and Wenna opened her eyes and tucked herself into a foetal position (as usual for using this substance) Ivian knocked on the door. Høwke opened the door and was told that there will be a delay due to the ship’s masters disappearance. Ivian left to order some assassin-y individuals to find out what had become of Agust Lewe.

Eyfris’ attempts to comfort Wenna but only manages to burn the hysterical templar with traumatic results for both.

Høwke talked with Ivian and surmised that he’d be persuaded to sail forth if ordered to by Macombe or another senior Reveller. She headed off to gather information about Macombe, but at first only found out that Grainstown was drafting all able-bodied individuals, apparently for a brewing conflict with Southport. Further efforts revealed that Macombe likes to burn wizards alive by bumping into a declaration of witch-burning with his signature on it.

Ix’i forged a message from Macombe and Høwke went to Macombe’s town house and passed the message to a courier (and then raced him to the docks so she wouldn’t get left behind). Meanwhile Ix’i managed comfort a shivering Wenna; after a good cry she wen to sleep.

All went according to plan and we sailed off.

The first day was boring. On the second night we heard splashing sounds surrounding the ship. Wenna told us that it was a sea serpent. Høwke disagreed and decided it was a kraken, climbed up the main mast. There was a sudden, violent rain shower for a few minutes. While the two debated the matter Ix’i and Eyfris saw that the rain front was like a wall. Curiously, the crew was taken by surprise by the phenomenon as we were. Then we ran into a similarly shaped storm front. The next ring seemed like one of furious winds, but it turned out that the only effect was that all magical items started flying (including, interestingly, Ix’i’s stolen belt). Eyfris, being pulled by her shackles hither and thither started panicking in the air.

Then something bumped against the ship’s bottom. It turned out to be an unnatural, asymmetrical chimera consisting of tentacles, horns, fins, mouths and things never before seen (like the wings of a butterfly, which do not exist in this world). When the alarm went up Eyfris tried to manifest dragon wings, but when she called upon the dragon it burst out of her and the ship in a magnificent pyrotechnical display which left sparks showering down upon the ship, setting bits of it on fire.

Wenna, Høwke and a crewmember named Seara with her harpoon fought the beast. When killing it, Wenna and Høwke were drawn down into the water by its tentacles. When they climbed back onboard, they, and the side of the ship, were hit by bursts of small bits of something solid (later, these turned out to be magic pearls) from underwater.

Suddenly, the ship found its way out of the area and magical items returned to the normal order of gravitational effect, which left Eyfris lying on top of Ix’i. The situation was resolved with levity. The captain called the ship to a halt.

In celebration, Høwke offered sips of Abyss to Seara and took a sip herself. As was to be expected they fell down onto the deck. Høwke’s experience was more empathetic than direct. Eyfris came up on deck and convinced Ivian that Høwke and Seara’s state was not an attack but due to a bottle of Abyss that Høwke had ignorantly snatched from the captain’s liqueur cabinet. Ivian had Høwke put in chains.

Høwke came to soon enough, chained to the hull by one wrist next to Seara. They debated the rationale of giving a drink of Abyss to her and taking some herself while clinging to each other sobbingly. Eventually they opened up to each other. Seara revealed her greatest ambition was to be worthy of song, and in return Høwke revealed that she would like to have some influence over the ship instead of just being a passenger.

The chimera’s carcass was towed up onto the deck, was gaped at and tossed back into the waves. We sailed onwards in the morning.

Next up, a ring of calm waters in which there was no air. No fatalities.

The next ring was one of unbearable noise and blinding flashes of light. No fatalities.

Then we saw land, and were becalmed. Oars out and on toward the shore and up the jagged canyon that once tore The White City asunder. Just as we stepped ashore a wave of trembling earth came upon us. The crew of the Sanguine Ray asked us if we need assistance, to which His Wisdom hissed “No.”

As we came to the docks next to the walled village on our map we noticed sunken boats and Ix’i smelled death. We approached the village with Høwke’s horn trumpeting a jaunty tune. There was no response, and inside we found devastation. We found a burnt haouse with a baby’s skeleton inside a crib. On the fields nearby we saw three bodies who’d died cleanly and suddenly about half a week ago, scythe’s still in hand – and two scythes without wielders. We collected the bodies and burned them with all the necessary rituals. Then we went to the temple of The God of the People. We found the body of a cleric and a chronicle stating nothing of significance. Wenna found census records that showed that a total of eight bodies were unaccounted for, all of them young adults. Curiously, we found no sign of animals, living or dead, anywhere near the village.

Wenna found that the people had died of starvation. Ix’i realized that they had probably fallen asleep, and slept until they died. We burned the bodies, and as we watched we saw a dragon flying in the distance.


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