DW2: Onwards, to New Tower... eventually.

Ix’i woke up, feeling much better. After a bit of breakfast he followed the rest of the party. On the way he met a happy mouse, fed it, grabbed it, examined it, and stuffed it inside a pouch.

On the way he found the remains of the strange zones, now extinguished. He stopped to loot a ruined temple of The Cult of the Red Grave, but instead of valuables he found a tunnel to the centre of The White City.

While in the tunnel a pressure wave from through the wall slammed him down. The wall was untouched. He shrugged off the water off his scales and ventured bravely onwards. He eventually found the tunnel’s terminus: a temple near the centre of the city, not far from the burning camp.

He went to examine the camp and found a startled Kelli Dogerrty. He looted a footlocker and asked her what happened. She told him. He wrote up a contract under the name S’lur that she owed him a favour. She signed it and was released. She was eager to go and kill her attackers, but Ix’i persuaded her of the foolishness of the notion.

Ix’i noticed a dragon circling the temple of the Church of the People. Suddenly, he felt something strange go through him and come out as a butterfly. He hurried toward the temple.

Inside he saw the rest of the party arguing. Of the setting he surmised that a very unusual necromantic ritual had occurred.

Ahriman, judging by his spear-like soulbound arcane focus, was a formulaic wizard, as opposed to a mage like Eyfris. Old school magic, then.

Rashne swooped in, with Behnam waiting anxiously outside. She examined the area with her usual condescension. We traded our knowledge of Macombe’s whereabouts for information about her mission. She told us of sightings of Salveig and Ohrin the Stormlord in the north, of the queen of Grainstown having gone missing, and that the queen might be The first Avatar.

The party had a bit of an exchange of opinions, and then decided to head for New Tower. Wenna flew off with dragon and rider.

Høwke knew that wizards need material ingredients to cast their spells, and Eyfris knew that they tend to have the ingredient pouches on their persons, booby-trapped. Ix’i strip-searched him thoroughly.

Rafael took the former captives and Vihnsent Macombe to the village. The rest of us went to the camp with a stripped and chained Ahriman.

We chained Ahriman to a post inside the tent and drugged him with goldenroot. Ix’i woke him up and started interviewing the pharmacologically befriended wizard. He revealed that Marbiaga was a sponsor whom Macombe intended to deceive. Ahriman speculated that Aerer and Keeper of the Scales might be on Macombe’s trail, and that he should be notified of the fact.

Eyfris told Ahriman she was vetted by Marbiaga and asked him hoe he could help destroy the ice witch. He told her that if Macombe has his way, all magic-users like her (i.e. mages) would be weakened. In return for his cooperation, she burned him alive painlessly. He had time, however, to say a prayer to the Vortex of Souls that should quicken his soul’s return to the mortal world.

At the village, Høwke sang a healing song for Vihnsent, and it went as well as could be hoped.


Kohme MuadMouse

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