DW2: The End of the Road

We prepared for the mission. Rafael traded his bag of books for some bandages and antitoxin, while Ix’i found a definitely and absolutely reliable connection for a mage poison grenade that was guaranteed to prevent spellcasting. Meanwhile, Høwke chatted up a Spearpoint mercenary and drank and fucked him out of his coat-of-arms.

Eyfris and Wenna prepared by drawing maps and figuring out the tower’s features.

  • Back door to the kitchens
  • Marbiaga has two elven warmages from Spearpoint, named Brightgrass and Winterdew, who always work as a team. And lotsa traps.
  • Fewer servants, more guards from Spearpoint.

Wenna got nightmares for her trouble.

Ix’i disguised Høwke as an elven Spearpoint mercenary and they walked up to the back door at first light. She successfully convinced the sleepy guard that she was there to relieve him; when asked, she introduced herself as Breakgrass.

We walked in, and the actual relief came to relieve Høwke. We found a bug-out bag in a concealed closet and took it.

We went up the non-trapped stairs to the second floor. Eyfris noted how few servants there were, and how hurried they were.

Farther up the floors had been emptied of people very recently. Ix’i’s brooch trembled.

On the fourth floor we encountered a young half-elven servant girl shivering with cold and sobbing with terror. Eyfris warmed her up with an embrace and told her to fear not and escape via the kitchens – she would not be hunted. The girl complied, albeit hesitantly.

Moving on, Wenna was assailed by dweomer grubs that tried to feed on our souls. Eyfris turned them to ash and we proceeded. The noise of battle had attracted attention, and as we went up the stairs, we found Brightgrass and Winterdew standing guard. They halted us for inspection.

Eyfris, who had followed from a distance, stepped forward to tell them to stand down. The outcome was a battle. We vanquished them with fire, steel and overgrown orchids. Ix’i and Eyfris picked the dual lock on the massive door and went inside. The door closed behind us.

In the winding staircase within Eyfris found an adjoining room containing a crystal orb of soul scrying that Marbiaga had acquired from a necromancer. After Mr Squeaky the Mouse had experienced ballistic trap disarming (and survived!) Eyfris and Rafael looked into the orb and spied upon Marbiaga, whom they saw sitting languidly on a divan, observing something of great interest.

We went up the stairs to the top of the tower and found a trapdoor. Ix’i was checking the magical trap on it when, all of a sudden, a horrorfly swooped inside Ix’i’s head from behind. For a moment he stumbled in confusion as he experienced the memories of a little elven girl. Then the horrorfly flew out of him and entered Wenna, who had memories of baby fever. Then Høwke cut it down as it emerged from Wenna.

Ix’i disabled the trap and Eyfris burst forth impatiently. She charged, howling, at Marbiaga and the two started wrestling furiously. Marbiaga froze the exits from the room. Through fire and ice we finally slew Marbiaga, but then had to turn our attention to the huge undead dragon that burst through a frozen wall. From behind the dragon we heard Macombe’s voice ordering the dragon to attack.

As battle was joined, Macombe broke a row of jars containing swarms of horrorflies, which promptly flew past the dragon to envelop Rafael. Eyfris swooped past the dragon just as it breathed fire, but she landed awkwardly next to the crib of the horrorfly-child, now adolescent, waking him from his nap.

Meanwhile, Ix’i opened a balcony door for Behnam and Rashne, who then tackled the enemy dragon while Rashne shouted for us to all engage Macombe. Not that anyone would actually listen to Rashne.

Despite having an injured wing, the undead dragon lumbered toward the balcony at Rashne’s taunting. It tried to fly, and managed to clip a neighbouring tower as it tried to remain steady. Wenna grabbed onto its tail.

Meanwhile, Høwke got hit by a horrorfly and became Sarush, a Calmforkian man of similar mentality, as well as herself. Rafael, on the other hand, failed to calm down the faerie child so devastated by his “father’s” death, and the child blew him away into Marbiaga’s bedchamber. There, just as his soul slipped from this world, he saw Eyfris shove the sword into the enemy dragon’s belly. The dragon died and half-fell down to the streets below with Wenna hanging on.

Eyfris flew inside and started looking for Rafael and the faerie child. With the last of his strength he gave Eyfris his holy symbol and bade her keep it well. And he died and found a blissful, verdant afterlife.

A weepy Eyfris went to confront the faerie, but he blasted her as well and ran for the balcony. Høwke wasn’t of a mind to let the creature just run off, and together with Eyfris pulled him down. In spite of the recently returned Wenna’s vigorous interference the faerie finally died from Høwke’s attack with the Champion of the People’s sword.

After this Eyfris, brtoken at the great losses suffered that day, grabbed Marbiaga’s icy tiara, flew through the tower to shoo everyone out, and burned it until it toppled.


Kohme MuadMouse

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