Templar from the glorious city of Runewall


Evil male dwarf templar

STR 15 (1), DEX 13 (1), CON 16 (2), INT 12 , WIS 9 , CHA 8 (-1)

HP 26; Armor: Templar’s armor (2 armor, clumsy, 3 weight), shield (1 armor, 2 weight); Damage d81, (Long sword, close, 1 weight), Spare dagger (Hand, thrown, 1 weight)

Dwarf templar: You’re tough, so tough it’s scary. You roll +CON instead of +CHA when using Inquisition
It’s not them you should be afraid of
I am the law (mechanics)
Inquisition (mechanics)
Unrelenting (mechanics)


Asammun has led a rough life. He has been a general in the dwarwen city of Runewall and most of his life has gone in fighting the undead. A few years ago he got the order to go scout the world and to purge it of any undead that crosses his path.


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