A young priest from the Order of Life


Lawful male human priest

STR 8 (-1), DEX 13 (1), CON 9, INT 15 (1), WIS 16 (2), CHA 12 (+1)

HP 15; Armor:Blessed leather armor (+1), priest’s robes; No weapons

Human Priest: When you defy danger from something related to your deity’s domain, take +1
Invocation: (mechanics)
Divine Ward: (mechanics)
Lead the Flock: (mechanics)

Gear (weight):
Healing potion (0)
Holy symbol (0)
Dungeon rations, 5 uses (1)
Bag of books, 5 uses (2)
Bandages, 3 uses (0)Rafael.jpg


Rafael was born in a poor village close to Grainstown. He was the first born son to his parents, Sam and Agatha, who were farmers like their parents and grandparents had been. Unfortunately, Rafael seemed to fail to become the heir they’d wanted. Instead of growing up to a strong, simple man he became a skinny teenager who could barely cope with the demands of his parents. He was always a curious and smart boy. When he came to age (16) he decided to leave the farm (his other 3 brothers were better suited to inherit the land anyway), and his parents were mostly just glad there was one less mouth to feed. Rafael decided to try his luck in Grainstown. He was greeted by the local Order of Life, and after a few years of studying he became their priest. He might have remained there for the rest of his life, curing the ill and giving help and comfort to those in need, but his god had bigger plans for him…


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