A hard-eyed but good-natured warrior from the north.


Neutral male human Fighter, level 1

STR 16 ( +2), DEX 9 (0), CON 12 (0), INT 8 (-1), WIS 13 ( +1), CHA 15 ( +1)

HP 22; Armor 2 (scale armor); Damage d10, (Sword: close, hand, sharp, versatile) +2 piercing


Bend bars, lift gates: roll + str, on 10+ choose 3, on 7-9 choose 2:
- it doesn’t take a very long time
- nothing of value is damaged
- it doesn’t make an inordinate amount of noise
- you can fix the thing again without a lot of effort

Armored: Ignore clumsy tag

Signature weapon: Sword decorated with Runewall runes, got as a present from Asammun.

Gear (load x/x)
scale armor (2 armor, 3 w)
dungeon rations (1 w)
poultices and herbs (1w)
sword (?w)


Thølien comes from the Northern isles near the city of Stormcliff and it shows in his way of speaking and his somewhat rough manners. As a fighter, he is tall and fit and usually dressed in an old, but well-kept scale armor. He has hard eyes, short beard and shoulder-length, dark brown hair, usually partially braided. Due to his travels in the south, he is somewhat more tanned than most Northmen.

Having grown up in a big, rough family, he is used to handling everyday social conflicts either through cunning negotiation or just brute force. Despite his choice of career, Thølien rarely resorts to violence with people if he sees another way out of the situation. Some have called this smart, some being soft, Thølien himself prefers to call it “much more interesting”. He has a rough but good sense of humour and his favourite way of spending a night is in an inn with friendly wenches, decent spirits and a good bard.

Thølien left his home in the north to travel the world and to see real adventures. He fought in one of the minor wars on the side of Grainstown and also fought some undead. On these travels he met with Asammun and after a few shared adventures they became good friends.

Most of all Thølien respects Ohrin the Stormlord, whom he has been raised to honor with the traditional rituals and customs of Northmen. He also respects Aerer as the just caretaker of the dead and Anima as the loving bringer of life. While Thølien doesn’t believe in magic and wizards, he strongly trusts in the power of all gods – also the ones he himself does not especially worship or yet know of.


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