Toka peli DW1

We gathered our party and ventured forth with the dwarves. The dwarves promised to share their dwarven hardtack. Rath bought some booze, which may explain his poor sense of direction; fortunately, Lativus led us in the right direction. He could also tell that someone’s armour had been rent at the burnt out caravan. There was also something odd about the caravan, considering its valuable cargo. Enkizziar Gilt-iron remained evasive and overall a somewhat shady character.

Based on Lativus’ findings, Aleria surmised the attackers were some sort of undead (from the Runewallian tome The Undead Menace by Karretzer Bonesmiter). Enkizziar set up camp at the caravan and sent two of his dwarves with us on our hunt. The tracks led to a cave a short distance away. After a bit of confusion amongst the party at the cave mouth Lativus sent Sand in first to scout.

After about half an hour Sand returned, and whatever it told Lativus led her to determine we should draw our weapons and go in. After a short way we came to a fork and chose the route that went down. We tried to sneak in, but that venture came to noisy end when Aleria stumbled and extinguished the lantern, and in the ensuing darkness Rath let out a characteristic series of whiny complaints. Right after, a clanking noise echoed from up front, and soon we were attacked by an undead dwarf and its rotting companions.

During the long and ferocious battle Thølien saw Rath animate (albeit telekinetically) a fallen dwarf. In the aftermath Rath had to face accusations of necromancy from Asammun and Thølien. It was about to get violent when Rath surrounded himself in flames so hot they collapsed the cave mouth. This postponed the debate until after the dungeon crawl.

We came to a ledge on the side of a huge cavern. Rath lit up the space with a bit of an inferno and a rather nervous Asammun tried to take cover, overstepping the ledge to a brief but noisy descent to the cavern floor. Soon Lativus got a rope down, and when Thølien had joined Asammun they got attacked by a mob of dried corpses. Eventually everyone joined the melee, and after a touch-and-go battle the foe was vanquished.

When the fight was at its most intense and desperate, Asammun was roused into a fiery, holy rage which ultimately consumed his life, even as the last of the enemy fell. After some feverish muttering Asammun came to and bromanced a bit with Thølien.

We made camp, and during Rath’s watch a bunch of undead poured toward us. Having left some of our stuff behind, we ran through the cavern. On the way we saw increasing amounts of architecture. Eventually, as we ran down a corridor, we came to a slab of rock blocking our advance. We pushed it in and Rath melted it down, leaving only a small gap along the top.

It turns out we’d sealed ourselves in the tomb of an influential member of some lost southern humans from some centuries ago (or so Aleria surmised from comparing the tapestries and her copy of The Life and Deeds of Saint Rona by Abbess Anabel the Builder). The spirit entered Thølien, but he resisted its influence long enough for Aleria to negotiate with it. We agreed to inter its remains in the Abbey of St. Rona if it leaves in peace both the living and the dead.

DW2: Intro

Ix’i and Høwke met Eyfris on a northmen ship. Together they have had a con running for a while.

In Grainstown temple Rafael along with everyone else in the temple sees Anima in a dream and hears that a big change is looming in the future of the world. Anima commands Rafael to leave the safety of the temple, go walk the land to bear witness to what is happening and see for himself what is amiss.

In the meanwhile, Wenna receives a very similar message from Aerer. Something in the world is about to change and Aerer needs her loyal templar to keep her eyes open. “Gather your strength, find a few resourceful friends and see what is this change about.”

The party meets in Rafdock when Rafael is preaching in a street corner. Ix’i steals a distinct healing potion from the priest. Rafael and Eyfris have a theological conversation and a slight.

Eyfris’ manacles are discussed. Ix’i knows manacles of that sort don’t break without a mage specialized in crafting magical things and people like them are hard to find – except in New Tower. Rafael believes God of the People might be able to help and that the manacles might have something to do with a contract of some sort.

The group heads to an inn called The Thief’s Chalice for a pint. Ix’i poisons Wenna with Goldenroot.

Rafael asks about Anima’s quest. Høwke sings a song from the north telling that a piece of the Eternal Storm of War was seen South of the Northern islands a year back.

Wenna had heard that a group that sounds like Revellers have been causing trouble nearby. Ix’i goes to find information on the Revellers – it takes a lot of time. Meanwhile, the rest of the group drink and share life stories.

Rafael suffers a moral and physical hangover. Captain of the guard Gery Eanwald is called to check the situation, but the party explains they have come across a fortune they’d like to spend in amusements. Recommends his cousins Inn Indigo Mug.

Rafael heads to the Temple of Anima. Priest Gauwin gets him an audience with Altriel the High Priest an old, motherly female elf. She promises Rafael that the temple will help him.

Xi’i and Høwke visit the Indigo Mug and talk with Mrs Merey. They agree to come entertain Mrs Eanwalds guests the next day.

Wennan visits the Temple of Aerer and finds strange bodies mangled with magic. Wennan gets Eyfris to search the body but instead she burns it. The priest of Aerer is horrified by Eyfris’ magic and asks them to leave.

The party decides to ask for a place to stay in the temple of Anima. Encouraged by Høwke, Eyfris sings about her anger and hate in the language of dragons. The song echoes everywhere and while others only hear a confusing, but beautiful song in a foreign language. Ix’i feels the emotion in the song.


Eka peli DW1

In the town of Rushford, upstream of Calmfork, adventurers meet in a shoddy inn only recently upgraded from a humble tavern with Rath’s extravagant, ill-gotten downpayment.

Lativus and his cougar Sand found Aleria thoroughly lost and travel-worn. He led her to the nearest piece of civilization.

In the inn, Rath loudly declares himself “a WIZHZHAAARD” protestingly after being refused a drink. Asammun and Thølien react to this with much more humour than the newcomers. Thölien had been there being a chauvinist pig for a while, with Asammun acting as the ideal foil.

Just Rath was about to literally explode, Aleria approached him, laid a hand on his arm, and when he looked into her wide, brown eyes he saw all the innocent victims his misadventures had caused, and he broke down in tears, wracked with guilt.

While Aleria consoled the sobbing mage in her arms, Thölien and Asamunn asked Lativus about any interesting trouble in the vicinity. Lativus was evasive about his thoughts due to the presence of the dwarf.

Aleria led Rath aside to calm down, and Lativus followed in concern, the others in tow, apparently out of sheer curiosity. The group’s gentle tending leads to Rath passing out, after which we negotiated the night’s stay. Aleria fell asleep exhausted, while the conscious members of the group socialized and gathered rumours (incl. “Guard captain is possessed!”)

The next morning a dwarven caravan came to town and suggested that they may have work for caravan guards when they’d eventually leave. Both Asammun and Thölien managed to piss off the caravan master with their affable attention. The caravan master, Enkizziar Gilt-iron, nonetheless came to our inn. Lativus overheard him ask the inn staff if a party who’d paid with gold coins had passed through. Rath responded to this with ballistic interference – i.e. vaulting down on top of the dwarf from the loft and grabbing a coin – which led to a brief bar fight that Thölien broke up authoritatively. Rath claimed rather disastrously that he’d inherited them from his great-uncle. Then he finally told the truth: he just found them amongst the burnt remains of a caravan. In the ensuing argument Aleria became suspect due to her bumbling attempts at advocating for the flip-floppity Rath. Asamunn straightened Rath up with some gentle inquisitioning. Thölien cleared Arelia’s name.

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