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Eka peli DW1

In the town of Rushford, upstream of Calmfork, adventurers meet in a shoddy inn only recently upgraded from a humble tavern with Rath’s extravagant, ill-gotten downpayment.

Lativus and his cougar Sand found Aleria thoroughly lost and travel-worn. He led her to the nearest piece of civilization.

In the inn, Rath loudly declares himself “a WIZHZHAAARD” protestingly after being refused a drink. Asammun and Thølien react to this with much more humour than the newcomers. Thölien had been there being a chauvinist pig for a while, with Asammun acting as the ideal foil.

Just Rath was about to literally explode, Aleria approached him, laid a hand on his arm, and when he looked into her wide, brown eyes he saw all the innocent victims his misadventures had caused, and he broke down in tears, wracked with guilt.

While Aleria consoled the sobbing mage in her arms, Thölien and Asamunn asked Lativus about any interesting trouble in the vicinity. Lativus was evasive about his thoughts due to the presence of the dwarf.

Aleria led Rath aside to calm down, and Lativus followed in concern, the others in tow, apparently out of sheer curiosity. The group’s gentle tending leads to Rath passing out, after which we negotiated the night’s stay. Aleria fell asleep exhausted, while the conscious members of the group socialized and gathered rumours (incl. “Guard captain is possessed!”)

The next morning a dwarven caravan came to town and suggested that they may have work for caravan guards when they’d eventually leave. Both Asammun and Thölien managed to piss off the caravan master with their affable attention. The caravan master, Enkizziar Gilt-iron, nonetheless came to our inn. Lativus overheard him ask the inn staff if a party who’d paid with gold coins had passed through. Rath responded to this with ballistic interference – i.e. vaulting down on top of the dwarf from the loft and grabbing a coin – which led to a brief bar fight that Thölien broke up authoritatively. Rath claimed rather disastrously that he’d inherited them from his great-uncle. Then he finally told the truth: he just found them amongst the burnt remains of a caravan. In the ensuing argument Aleria became suspect due to her bumbling attempts at advocating for the flip-floppity Rath. Asamunn straightened Rath up with some gentle inquisitioning. Thölien cleared Arelia’s name.

DW2: Intro

Ix’i and Høwke met Eyfris on a northmen ship. Together they have had a con running for a while.

In Grainstown temple Rafael along with everyone else in the temple sees Anima in a dream and hears that a big change is looming in the future of the world. Anima commands Rafael to leave the safety of the temple, go walk the land to bear witness to what is happening and see for himself what is amiss.

In the meanwhile, Wenna receives a very similar message from Aerer. Something in the world is about to change and Aerer needs her loyal templar to keep her eyes open. “Gather your strength, find a few resourceful friends and see what is this change about.”

The party meets in Rafdock when Rafael is preaching in a street corner. Ix’i steals a distinct healing potion from the priest. Rafael and Eyfris have a theological conversation and a slight.

Eyfris’ manacles are discussed. Ix’i knows manacles of that sort don’t break without a mage specialized in crafting magical things and people like them are hard to find – except in New Tower. Rafael believes God of the People might be able to help and that the manacles might have something to do with a contract of some sort.

The group heads to an inn called The Thief’s Chalice for a pint. Ix’i poisons Wenna with Goldenroot.

Rafael asks about Anima’s quest. Høwke sings a song from the north telling that a piece of the Eternal Storm of War was seen South of the Northern islands a year back.

Wenna had heard that a group that sounds like Revellers have been causing trouble nearby. Ix’i goes to find information on the Revellers – it takes a lot of time. Meanwhile, the rest of the group drink and share life stories.

Rafael suffers a moral and physical hangover. Captain of the guard Gery Eanwald is called to check the situation, but the party explains they have come across a fortune they’d like to spend in amusements. Recommends his cousins Inn Indigo Mug.

Rafael heads to the Temple of Anima. Priest Gauwin gets him an audience with Altriel the High Priest an old, motherly female elf. She promises Rafael that the temple will help him.

Xi’i and Høwke visit the Indigo Mug and talk with Mrs Merey. They agree to come entertain Mrs Eanwalds guests the next day.

Wennan visits the Temple of Aerer and finds strange bodies mangled with magic. Wennan gets Eyfris to search the body but instead she burns it. The priest of Aerer is horrified by Eyfris’ magic and asks them to leave.

The party decides to ask for a place to stay in the temple of Anima. Encouraged by Høwke, Eyfris sings about her anger and hate in the language of dragons. The song echoes everywhere and while others only hear a confusing, but beautiful song in a foreign language. Ix’i feels the emotion in the song.


Toka peli DW1

We gathered our party and ventured forth with the dwarves. The dwarves promised to share their dwarven hardtack. Rath bought some booze, which may explain his poor sense of direction; fortunately, Lativus led us in the right direction. He could also tell that someone’s armour had been rent at the burnt out caravan. There was also something odd about the caravan, considering its valuable cargo. Enkizziar Gilt-iron remained evasive and overall a somewhat shady character.

Based on Lativus’ findings, Aleria surmised the attackers were some sort of undead (from the Runewallian tome The Undead Menace by Karretzer Bonesmiter). Enkizziar set up camp at the caravan and sent two of his dwarves with us on our hunt. The tracks led to a cave a short distance away. After a bit of confusion amongst the party at the cave mouth Lativus sent Sand in first to scout.

After about half an hour Sand returned, and whatever it told Lativus led her to determine we should draw our weapons and go in. After a short way we came to a fork and chose the route that went down. We tried to sneak in, but that venture came to noisy end when Aleria stumbled and extinguished the lantern, and in the ensuing darkness Rath let out a characteristic series of whiny complaints. Right after, a clanking noise echoed from up front, and soon we were attacked by an undead dwarf and its rotting companions.

During the long and ferocious battle Thølien saw Rath animate (albeit telekinetically) a fallen dwarf. In the aftermath Rath had to face accusations of necromancy from Asammun and Thølien. It was about to get violent when Rath surrounded himself in flames so hot they collapsed the cave mouth. This postponed the debate until after the dungeon crawl.

We came to a ledge on the side of a huge cavern. Rath lit up the space with a bit of an inferno and a rather nervous Asammun tried to take cover, overstepping the ledge to a brief but noisy descent to the cavern floor. Soon Lativus got a rope down, and when Thølien had joined Asammun they got attacked by a mob of dried corpses. Eventually everyone joined the melee, and after a touch-and-go battle the foe was vanquished.

When the fight was at its most intense and desperate, Asammun was roused into a fiery, holy rage which ultimately consumed his life, even as the last of the enemy fell. After some feverish muttering Asammun came to and bromanced a bit with Thølien.

We made camp, and during Rath’s watch a bunch of undead poured toward us. Having left some of our stuff behind, we ran through the cavern. On the way we saw increasing amounts of architecture. Eventually, as we ran down a corridor, we came to a slab of rock blocking our advance. We pushed it in and Rath melted it down, leaving only a small gap along the top.

It turns out we’d sealed ourselves in the tomb of an influential member of some lost southern humans from some centuries ago (or so Aleria surmised from comparing the tapestries and her copy of The Life and Deeds of Saint Rona by Abbess Anabel the Builder). The spirit entered Thølien, but he resisted its influence long enough for Aleria to negotiate with it. We agreed to inter its remains in the Abbey of St. Rona if it leaves in peace both the living and the dead.

DW2: Teekutsut

Da plan: Rafael goes in as the servant (as arranged with Lady Merey), while the rest of us go in as a performance troupe (with Wenna as muscle).

At the Eanwald residence we find the preparations proceeding at a hectic pace. We were herded onwards by a manly female butler. Eyfris noted the butler had at least three magic potion vials (incl one discrete poison) hidden under her jacket. The lady took Rafael on without complaint. In spite of his grumpy overseer he managed to gather that the working environment is highly lawful, that the overseer is a well-informed 2nd-in-command, and that Yoliena has a martial bearing.

The rest of us were led to the garden by a boy named Charlie. Ix’i crept off to chat up Yoliena. In the meanwhile a portly old bardMaduell showed up, and seemed to know the staff well. Eyfris went to ask him “where do they keep the sex slaves?” His confused answer “Here, apparently,” led her to believe that all the serving girls he gropes fit the category.

Meanwhile, Ix’i skulked about the house and determined that the butler is no freelancer, and so he headed for her quarters. Due the excessive traffic he decided to just return to the troupe.

Rafael joined the others during rehearsal to decorate the stage. The rest of us warned him that all servants are sex slaves. He prayed for protection from rape and, while praying, got the feeling that Lady Merey should be left untouched.

And then the party started. Høwke stayed to play the horn while Wenna, Ix’i and Eyfris went backstage. Wenna heard that certain hedonistic nobles (such as Macombe) shone with their absence, and Ix’i helped Eyfris realize that this is a soireé, as opposed to Eyfris’ notion of a “party”. Rafael lived to serve.

Høwke performed well and got some fans (to her peril). Wenna inquired about Lord Macombe absence and found out that his excuse is the hunt for a white hart (all the other absentees had much weaker excuses), but got the butler’s attention while she was at it. Eyfris managed a very enticing dance act designed to draw the attention of Revellers. Ix’i entertained the guests with magic tricks. Meanwhile, Rafael found out that Lord Macombe’s teenage son Vihnsent is bedridden with an illness that even the priests of Anima could not cure.

Lady Whitaker, aka “The With-taker” invites Høwke to a table full of fans. There Høwke spread the rumour that Macombe has thrown a competing party with a considerably naughtier theme, and this spurreed the rumour that Macombe and the Eanwalds are at odds.

Eyfris got yanked into the table of a bunch of merchant marine pervs. Especially a man named Agust Lewe looked like he knew where the real party is going down, and that he’s accustomed to having people shanghaied on back streets. Rafael tries to impress Eyfris with a fancy platter, but she takes it badly (he’s treating her as a “lady”, which to her denotes all sorts of moral iniquity).

Amidst an abundance of distractions Ix’i cased the joint. He found an ornate locked door but left it for later. Instead he came to save Eyfris from amongst the seedy seamen. Apparently the gentlemen will proceed to the Indigo Mug later in the evening.

Wenna got us 17 coins for our trouble, and even got Rafael out of a servant’s contract by ruining his reputation (apparently he’s a pussyhound) to a degree that it comes to the attention of the Church of Anima.

We went to the temple of Anima to share our loot. There we were surprised by an androgynous elfin individual we’d seen at the party. He knew our names (and even pronounced Ix’i’s correctly) and brought up our interest in Macombe’s revels. He revealed he knew where the revels were taking place (near the ruins of the White City) and marked it on our map with practiced flair. In return he asked us to rescue a prisoner. He also intimated that the Revellers were about to conduct a ritual whose completion would not be a bad thing in and of itself, and that he wouldn’t mind if we let the ritual happen before we unleashed the inevitable massacre. The elf seemed to remind most people of home in a vague yet intimate fashion.

DW2: Myrkytys ja polttomurhaa Rafdockissä

Mukana: Eyfris, Rafael,Ix’i, Wenna

Høwke sammui nukkumaan kähvellettyään teekutsuista viinaa ja juotuaan sen kaiken vähän turhan äkäseen. Muut lähti The Indigo Mugiin August Leweä metsästämään.

Eyfris kovisteli yläkerrassa August Leweä, mutta ei saanut hänestä irti mitään. Jätti palavaan yläkertahuoneeseen.

Rafael pidätettiin kun kaartin kapteeni tuli paikalle syyttämään partyä murhasta. Wenna yritti jeesiä, mutta tuli itsekin pidätetyksi. Matkalla magialla mindcontrollattu hobojoukko hämmentää, mutta Rafael rauhoittaa. Huomaa, että hobojoukko on jonkun meleko vahvan velehon loitsun alla. Wenna I am the Lawittaa itsensä ja Rafaelin ulos posesta.

Kaartilaiset etsii tyyppejä Aererin temppelistä ja Animan temppeliltä. Hahmot etsii toisiaan. Høwke lienee putkassa.

Palaavat The Thief’s Chaliceen, jossa tapaavat taas kiitos Rafaelin invokaation ja Animan johdatuksen. Rafael vetää angstikännit. Kun Ix’ie ja Eyfris saapuu paikalle, Rafael pyytää kännisesti ja teatraalisesti anteeksi Eyfrikseltä ja homma käy (taas) tuliseksi. Jakavat tietoja ja nukkuvat.

Wenna kirjottaa temppelilleen kirjeen missä selittää pidätyksestä ja tietonsa Lady Whitakerin myrkytyksestä. Kertoo Yolienalla olleen myrkkyä.

Aamulla Ix’ien repusta löytyy tarkempi kartta, jossa on ohjeet questin palautukseen (White Cityn kaupungintalolla) kohti quest-itemiä.

Suunnitelmana olisi lähteä ensi tilassa kohti White Cityä laivalla.

(Jos Høwke pääsee ensi peliin, Animan johdatus on tepsinyt häneenkin)

DW1: Villejä viettelyksiä ja kuolemaa karuissa maisemissa

Mukana: Asammun, Lativus, Thølien, Aleria, Rath (ja uljas redshirtkääpiömme Enmegan )

Party tököttää yhä luolastossa, jonka tunnettu uloskäynti on edelleen romahtanut. Rath päättää ratkaista asian loitsimalla Lativukselle raittiin ilman jäljityskyvyn. Tällähän sitä ulos päästään. Ulkona Asammun pyytää Rathia räjäyttämään ulostulorailon kiinni ja homma hoituu reilusti räjäyttäen. Rapatessa roiskuu, etenkin Alerian päälle.

Lativus ja Aleria yrittää paikantaa porukan suhteessa Abbey of St. Ronan luostariin. Todetaan olevamme joen väärällä puolella.

Koska ilta alkaa hämärtää, päätetään leiriytyä jonkin matkan päähän räjäytyksestä. Ensimmäisellä vartiovuorolla Lativus bondausrupattelee nukkumakelvottoman Alerian kanssa. Yö menee muuten mukavasti, mutta viimeisellä vartiovuorolla joku vitun vuohi kähveltää Thølienin vasemman jalan saappaan.

Aamulla Rath huomaa Thølienin metsästämässä vuohta ja saapastaan ja päättää auttaa tekemällä saappaankutsuloitsun. Loitsu sinkoaa paikalle saappaan, joka osuu Asammunia naamaan. Saappaassa on yhä jalka. Saapas on oikein hyvä korvike kadonneelle ja Thølien ottaa sen kummemmin mukisematta. Hetken hämmennyksen jälkeen Lativus toteaa, että jalka on tullut niin kaukaa ettei sinne kävellen ehdi. Rath tuumaa lähettää jalan takaisin taikuutensa avulla. Se vissiin toimii. Jossain lienee vittuuntunut tyyppi, joka kokee joutuneensa tänään todella omituisen saapasvarkauden kohteeksi. Thølienin luuttaama saapas on tunnistettavan näköinen. Yön jälkeen stressannut Aleria ja paranoidi Asammun ovat univajeisia.

Lähdetään Abbey of St Ronania kohti. Thølien ei oikein onnistu vartiohommissaan vaan joutuu harpyijän jekuttamiseksi. Muu poppoo löytää Thølienin puuhailemasta olion kanssa kun Lativukselle tuli huono fiilis Thølienin katoamisesta. Seuraa todella WTF taistelu. Taistelun aikana Thølien tekee himmelipäätelmiä ja Aleria hämmentyy kikkelistä. Rath menehtyy taistelun tiimellyksessä ja pääsee idylliseen maalaistaivaaseen. (“went to a farm up state” tai “acquired agricultural property”) Taistelun jälkeen Aleria pitää hautajaiset Rathille.

Joukko palaa Rushfordin mutta sentään eri kuppilaan, The Blind Dragoniin.

Aleria käy ripittäytymässä kyläjuopolle kyläpapille, joka alkaa juoruilla kuulemistaan jutuista illalla. Lativus lähtee ruuanhankintaan. Asammun ja Thølien menevät The Blind Dragoniin pohtimaan, josko värvättäisiin joku soturi mukaan kun ollaan vaaralliselle matkalle. Lur on kuppilassa olemassa cool. Ensinäkemältä Thølien & Lur päätyy panomatsiin valtataistelemaan, Thølien häviää ja tulee pannuksi (ei sillä etteikö kivaa ole). Siitä jatketaan juomakilpailuilla ja tarinaniskennällä. Todetaan, että lähdetään Lurin mukana kohti luostaria. Illan päätteeksi myös Lativus houkutellaan juomapeliin ja lopulta kaikki paitsi Asammun on aivan umpitunnelissa.

Lur ja Thølien sammuu lopulta Asammunin huoneeseen, Aleria ja Lativus Thølienille tarkoitettuun huoneeseen.

DW2: Sail Away!

Rafael went off to fetch Høwke from jail while Wenna and Ix’i set out to scout out the Sanguine Ray and decided to present Eyfris as cargo and themselves as owner and his human bodyguard. Wenna advised Ix’i on the particulars of looking like a slave trader: bureaucratic competence. confidence and potential for brutality.

Meanwhile, Høwke told the authorities about Yoliena’s poison and was released. This is when Rafael told her to head for the Sanguine Ray, and that he had to return to the temple for disciplinary action. And off she went.

Wenna introduced the lizardling as lord Sa’ah’xi’zett who wanted to talk to the captain of the ship. We were taken to Ivian, a salty middle-aged corsair, an Wenna proceeded to royally mess up the negotiations. Meanwhile, Høwke turned up on board and was led to the captain’s cabin where the rest of us were sweating bullets. With abundant signs of abject obeisance she saved the day. Ivian was flattered by Høwke’s knowledge of his heroic reputation. We were shown to a luxurious cabin (with a fireplace!!!) and traded stories. Høwke told us about Rafael (and we concurred he was at an orgy thanks to Wenna’s “insight”) and that she’d told the crew that lord Sa’ah’xi’zett should be adressed as “His Wisdom”. We proceeded to sample the copious collection of liqueurs provided. Høwke and Eyfris had a good time, while Wenna and Ix’i started hallucinating that they fell into the loneliest burning abyss to mourn their lost freedom and wish for death. Eyfris recognized the substance, called Abyss, as one that her former mistress Marbiaga used on herself for meditation and on some of the mistress’ disfavoured as a fairly extreme form of punishment and persuasion. Høwke also shared an unpleasant experience about being stuck in the snow as a kid.

Just after Ix’i came to and Wenna opened her eyes and tucked herself into a foetal position (as usual for using this substance) Ivian knocked on the door. Høwke opened the door and was told that there will be a delay due to the ship’s masters disappearance. Ivian left to order some assassin-y individuals to find out what had become of Agust Lewe.

Eyfris’ attempts to comfort Wenna but only manages to burn the hysterical templar with traumatic results for both.

Høwke talked with Ivian and surmised that he’d be persuaded to sail forth if ordered to by Macombe or another senior Reveller. She headed off to gather information about Macombe, but at first only found out that Grainstown was drafting all able-bodied individuals, apparently for a brewing conflict with Southport. Further efforts revealed that Macombe likes to burn wizards alive by bumping into a declaration of witch-burning with his signature on it.

Ix’i forged a message from Macombe and Høwke went to Macombe’s town house and passed the message to a courier (and then raced him to the docks so she wouldn’t get left behind). Meanwhile Ix’i managed comfort a shivering Wenna; after a good cry she wen to sleep.

All went according to plan and we sailed off.

The first day was boring. On the second night we heard splashing sounds surrounding the ship. Wenna told us that it was a sea serpent. Høwke disagreed and decided it was a kraken, climbed up the main mast. There was a sudden, violent rain shower for a few minutes. While the two debated the matter Ix’i and Eyfris saw that the rain front was like a wall. Curiously, the crew was taken by surprise by the phenomenon as we were. Then we ran into a similarly shaped storm front. The next ring seemed like one of furious winds, but it turned out that the only effect was that all magical items started flying (including, interestingly, Ix’i’s stolen belt). Eyfris, being pulled by her shackles hither and thither started panicking in the air.

Then something bumped against the ship’s bottom. It turned out to be an unnatural, asymmetrical chimera consisting of tentacles, horns, fins, mouths and things never before seen (like the wings of a butterfly, which do not exist in this world). When the alarm went up Eyfris tried to manifest dragon wings, but when she called upon the dragon it burst out of her and the ship in a magnificent pyrotechnical display which left sparks showering down upon the ship, setting bits of it on fire.

Wenna, Høwke and a crewmember named Seara with her harpoon fought the beast. When killing it, Wenna and Høwke were drawn down into the water by its tentacles. When they climbed back onboard, they, and the side of the ship, were hit by bursts of small bits of something solid (later, these turned out to be magic pearls) from underwater.

Suddenly, the ship found its way out of the area and magical items returned to the normal order of gravitational effect, which left Eyfris lying on top of Ix’i. The situation was resolved with levity. The captain called the ship to a halt.

In celebration, Høwke offered sips of Abyss to Seara and took a sip herself. As was to be expected they fell down onto the deck. Høwke’s experience was more empathetic than direct. Eyfris came up on deck and convinced Ivian that Høwke and Seara’s state was not an attack but due to a bottle of Abyss that Høwke had ignorantly snatched from the captain’s liqueur cabinet. Ivian had Høwke put in chains.

Høwke came to soon enough, chained to the hull by one wrist next to Seara. They debated the rationale of giving a drink of Abyss to her and taking some herself while clinging to each other sobbingly. Eventually they opened up to each other. Seara revealed her greatest ambition was to be worthy of song, and in return Høwke revealed that she would like to have some influence over the ship instead of just being a passenger.

The chimera’s carcass was towed up onto the deck, was gaped at and tossed back into the waves. We sailed onwards in the morning.

Next up, a ring of calm waters in which there was no air. No fatalities.

The next ring was one of unbearable noise and blinding flashes of light. No fatalities.

Then we saw land, and were becalmed. Oars out and on toward the shore and up the jagged canyon that once tore The White City asunder. Just as we stepped ashore a wave of trembling earth came upon us. The crew of the Sanguine Ray asked us if we need assistance, to which His Wisdom hissed “No.”

As we came to the docks next to the walled village on our map we noticed sunken boats and Ix’i smelled death. We approached the village with Høwke’s horn trumpeting a jaunty tune. There was no response, and inside we found devastation. We found a burnt haouse with a baby’s skeleton inside a crib. On the fields nearby we saw three bodies who’d died cleanly and suddenly about half a week ago, scythe’s still in hand – and two scythes without wielders. We collected the bodies and burned them with all the necessary rituals. Then we went to the temple of The God of the People. We found the body of a cleric and a chronicle stating nothing of significance. Wenna found census records that showed that a total of eight bodies were unaccounted for, all of them young adults. Curiously, we found no sign of animals, living or dead, anywhere near the village.

Wenna found that the people had died of starvation. Ix’i realized that they had probably fallen asleep, and slept until they died. We burned the bodies, and as we watched we saw a dragon flying in the distance.

DW1: Hits and Kisses under the Abbey

Our intrepid adventurers woke up properly hungover (except for Asammun, who was sleep-deprived instead).

Thølien confused Aleria with semi-nudity and Lur convinced him that Aleria is a prankster by nature. While Aleria was away to fetch salty food for Lativus Lur and Thølien advised her that Lativus needs booze. Lativus disagreed.

Asammun bought a map “worth ten coins” for a measley three coins. Not a bad discount for a slightly incorrect map. Fortunately Lativus noticed the error after we’d left The Blind Dragon Inn.

Thølien bought two days’ worth of rations with the loot he’d collected from the harpy’s nest, and even got 20 coins in change. Aleria explained the virtues of civilization to Lur, who made her doubt her beliefs in return.

By evening we had ventured a good way into the wilderness. Asammun and Lur had some disagreements which culminated in them wrestling on top of a treetrunk we were using to cross a river. As a result, over half of our food fell into the river and was swept away. A pissed off Lativus went hunting but got her foot stuck in some rocks. A well-fed Sandy led the rest of us to her rescue.

As we approached the abbey we were running out of food, and when Lur offered to sell some from her personal supply, another argument took shape. When the disagreement was at its loudest, Aleria and Thølien noticed someone spying on them and then running away. They followed Lur in a headlong charge into the bush. Aleria ended up hanging from a rope by her ankle and Lur disappeared into the wilderness. Lativus and Aleria kept fumbling with the trap while Thølien and Asammun see that we had been acting exactly according to the enemy’s plan. Thølien and Asammun freed Aleria and Lativus with a flourish.

While Lur was feasting on the satyr scout she’d felled somewhere in the distance, the rest of us were attacked by another satyr force with the apparent intent of capturing us. We fought them off and Thølien managed to capture one. Asammun tried to knock it out but managed to snap its neck. Lativus’ cavalier attitude upset Aleria to the extent that she wandered off, got lost immediately and had to be fetched by Lativus.

Lur returned to fix satyrs into rations.

We reached the Abbey of St. Rona. It had been robbed, defiled and burned, apparently by followers of The Mother of Monsters. In the dorms we found the bodies of two older nuns (Sister Trista and Sister Varna). Hence, thirty nuns still missing.

Since the nuns would’ve retreated to the catacombs, we headed that way. In the main corridor we found the naked, defiled body of Sister Khern hung upside down from the ceiling. Asammun blundered into her and got covered in corpse-juice.

In a prepatorium we found an improvised kitchen. Aleria recognized the decomposing thigh of Sister Nadra from a distinctive birthmark. Angered by this Aleria hastened off toward the mausoleums and ran into a minotaur-like beastman. It got cut down quickly. Onwards we went.

On the way we heard yapping noises and set up an ambush for the approaching hyena-men. We crushed them and went on to examine the defiled burial hall beyond. There we found the very fresh, long-suffering body of Sister Gerda. and onwards.

In one alcove we found Sisters Pieta and Kara, shivering and scared stiff, but alive and whole. We told them to stay hidden.

We found a tomb that struck Aleria as peculiar. Within we found a hidden stairs under the sarcophagus.

Faced with a choice in avenues, we questioned the nuns rather sternly and found out there was something unholy stored underneath the Abbey. Apparently the nuns were kept there. And down we went.

… Into a hidden archive of Unpleasant Things.

We found our way through to a chamber with an empty pedestal, which apparently held whatever the beast-men were looking for. Aleria saw the warding runes around the chamber that was keeping things both from coming or going.

We took our lich-bundle into fitting-looking chamber. Thølien and Asammun got thoroughly zapped by a trap on the door, but eventually they got it open. Inside lay a dais bearing a steelbound oak chest.

When healing Thølien, Aleria felt the favour of Haridalr course through her. With a kiss. An all-round confusing kiss.

Spurred by divinely inspired curiosity and the awkwardness of the moment Aleria hastened inside the chamber and to the box. Thølien felt the touch of our undead cargo in his mind and heard the spirit call eagerly for us to put his remains in the box. Aleria asked it if this chamber would satisfy its needs. When it cried “Yes!” she pushed the chest down to slam onto the floor and placed the spirit’s remains onto the dais. She and Lur grabbed the chest and the whole party ran for the door.

Enraged, the spirit possessed Lativus and stabbed Thølien, nearly killing him. It then jumped into Lur and bashed Aleria before it had to return to its remains, for Thølien pushed the door shut with a mighty effort.

It was clear the 19 missing nuns had been taken elsewhere along with whatever artifact they had come to steal, so having contained the spirit, we collected the chest and the two surviving nuns, and left the catacombs.


Rafael gets a talking-to by Matriarch Altriel and her cohorts for having tried to flagrantly seduce the servants of Captain Gery Eanwald. They ultimately believed his protestations of innocence (and virginity, as it happens)


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