Age of Destruction

Several catastrophes around the world begin the Third Age, giving it the name Age of Destruction. Among them was the Enlightenment in which The God of the People changed the difference of day and night to even hours.

Anima tricks The Great Sea Wyrm away from his duties to create a great tidal wave that rages destruction on the shoreline cities. “This is the final warning, you have crossed a God”, rages Anima’s voice over the lands.

Southport and Spearpoint ally in order to wage war against Wyrmspire.

the God of the Underworld was slain by the All Consuming Flame, leaving the The Underworld without a master.

Anima lets her voice sound over the lands to send a message to all living. Commands his final Elves of the Sacred Forest to protect this Sacred place and to go into the world to help. After this Anima was told to have retired to the Heart of the Forest.

The Eternal Storm of War intensifies and the northmen followers of Aerer voyage South to join the war. In the meanwhile The Revellers wreck havoc within the Humans civilization.

Amidst all these turmoil Keeper of the Scales summons a meeting of the Gods. The Gods discussed who to send to take care of the Underworld and in the end decided to send Aerer to the job.
Next on the list is the issue of dangerous Magic, it was finally agreed that some new rules might indeed be needed. The most pressing issue was the last issue, the problem of the All Consuming Flame which is out to get every god. It was decided to bind the All Consuming Flame by draining most of the magical power of the world to the task, giving the Gods time to implement the new Rules of Magic.

It was agreed that the Gods would now let the Time of the Mortals begin.

Age of Destruction

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