Age of Magic

Dragons appeared.
Races began to subrace.
Earth Mother, avatar of the Upheaver appeared along with shitton of other avatars.

The Dragon Troubles from the northwest.
The Undead appear.

A great Dragon attacks The City of the First Avatar and the Gods create the City of Gods to a higher plane.
The God of the People and The Great Sea Wyrm create rules for Magic.

The God of Hardship imposes rules over The Undead. There is a cost to the souls to staying in the living world.

Civilizations rose.

The War of Gods between The God of Hardship and The God of the People. Causes the Eternal Storm of War and more avatars to appear.

The Sacred Forest no longer allows offensive magic. The Elves who had become affiliated with The High Order were effectively banished due to their study of offensive magic.

The God of the People brought about some order and the Day and the Night became equals.

Age of Magic

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