All Consuming Flame

An Avatar of the God of the Underworld. After witnessing the God’s War, Threvash was afraid another deity might become angered with him and kill him. To protect himself he created the All Consuming Flame as a weapon, intended to protect him from harm. To make the Weapon as powerful as his powers permitted him, he poured all of his cunning and fighting ability into the new avatar. Threvash infused The All Consuming Flame with a strong desire to protect the weak. This, Threvash reasoned, would keep him safe from his creation since placing all of his fighting ability in the avatar left him very martially weak indeed.

Central to the Order of All Consuming Flame and the Order of the Dragon.

The All Consuming Flame ultimately killed Threvash after being persuaded of the need to protect mortals from gods by an exceptionally eloquent member of the Order of the Dragon. All Consuming Flame made use of and engineered some of the chaos during the Age of Destruction, hoping to distract the other gods long enough for it to find a way to kill them. At the end of the Third Age The All Consuming Flame had found a way to find Anima to murder her in her sleep, but All Consuming Flame was bound away from the world by all the other remaining Gods.

Physically, the All Consuming Flame is literally flame incarnate. The surface of the All Consuming Flame is black stone and quite hot. The rocky skin is not particularly durable, it is not difficult for a strong attack to pierce. However, within there is nothing but flame. The flame is bright enough to blind any who witness it and, as the name of the All Consuming Flame suggests, it can literally burn anything including substances usually considered not flammable.

All Consuming Flame

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