Avatar of Anima goes by the same name as the deity that created it.

All life is sacred to Anima.

As the Age of Destruction was coming close to to its end, Anima was feeling anxiety and sorrow for all the wars and suffering that was present everywhere. Anima decided to send forth one last message to all living beings, telling them to stop fighting, and that they shall find the help and healing they need, if they just repent. Also, the followers of Order of Life, as well as the Wood Elves have a responsibility to help those in need. Anima returned to Sacred Forest, which was at the time the last stronghold of peace and the old ways.

What happened to his avatar is not exactly known. There are legends saying that it’s guarding the god Anima in its slumber. Some say Anima is never fully asleep, and the avatar acts as Anima’s eyes and ears. On the other hand, there are people who claim they’ve seen miracles caused by the avatar. Not even the other gods know for certain what happened to the avatar.

The Order of Life is the primary cult of Anima.


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