Champion of the People


Originally a simple human farmer from the near regions of Grainstown chosen by the The God of the People as the Champion of the People. The Champion of the People joined the fight against the All Consuming Flame side by side with Salveig and The first Avatar. While his purpose was fulfilled and the All Consuming Flame bound to an eternal prison, Champion of the People himself perished in this fight.

Depending on the story either creating this avatar or the avatar’s death made The God of the People see the mortal races as individuals instead of just faceless masses forming civilizations.

According to stories his weapons were a simple, old short sword and a wooden shield, the weapons that his father had fought in a peasant rebellion. Stories say that God of the People blessed these weapons and that no flame could burn the wooden shield and that no living being could overcome a wound from the old short sword.

Champion of the People

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