Earth Mother

Second avatar of the Upheaver, and possibly the first sign of the deity’s shift in identity, for Earth Mother appeared in the The Deep Well to guide the recently emerged dwarven race. The dwarves see her as the personification of the Living Rock that supports all of Creation, and therefore of persistence, stability and perseverance: a dwarf who concludes a phrase with the words “as the Earth Mother” indicates they will not budge.

Due to the dwarven dislike of making statues or other facsimiles, it is polite to only represent her with her rune, a horizontal bar (the horizon) with a circle directly below it (representing the “Earth Womb”, or the Living Rock).

As a primal power, she sometimes appears in the art of other races; among humans, she is commonly represented as a round-bellied, fertile woman.

Earth Mother is thought to be immortal, and to reside in the innermost sanctum of The Deep Delve. An audience with her is an extremely rare occasion, and can only be granted by a special priest, the Earth Son/Daughter, who is chosen by the Earth Mother herself from among the senior clergy (although there have been a few laymen among their number). The posting is for life, and the greatest honour in dwarven society.

Earth Mother

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