Fang Elves

At some early point during the Age of Magic there appeared in The Weird Forest Elves that instead of plant-like features presented prominent qualities characteristic of predatory animals. Due to the timing of their emergence and the endless variety of these chimeric creatures some have purported that they are the elven equivalent of Beast-Men.

Fang Elves are fully sapient, but some are driven by animal passions to a degree at which all that is apparent is a low cunning. Others, however, are no less sophisticated in thought than their arborous cousins. Although they come in an endless variety of shapes, sizes and attitudes, Fang Elves seem to have little interest in tools or weapons, relying instead on speed, wits, and teeth and claws sharp enough to rend metal.

The social structures of the Fang Elves emulate those of the predators they resemble, but have often conformed to deal with the fact that the type of predator a newborn takes after is not necessarily that of either parent. Indeed, it is said that the passion of Fang Elves is such that they can produce offspring with a mating of any mammal.

Ever since the inception of The Hunt at the inspiration of the Master of The Hunt Fang Elves have spread aggressively from their home in the Weird Forest to every corner of the Eastern Continent, and beyond, whether as stowaways on ships or by some mysterious means of their own. Since they are so easily mistaken for Beast-men, the numbers of Fang Elves on the Western Continent are uncertain, but probably not very high.

The Hunt is their way of life.

Fang Elves

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