First there was The Weird Forest which was full of magic-like stuff. It is not commonly agreed upon whether this was magic as we now know it or if it was more like a different kind of pure life force.

At the end of the Age of Darkness, magic is unleashed into the world by The first Avatar and The Great Sea Wyrm.

Due to the spring cleaning of the Underworld, magic now sometimes has its own opinions. Magic is mixed with age old dead souls.

The Rules of Magic were crafted by The God of the People and The Great Sea Wyrm.

Magic becomes uncontrollable due to its infestation of souls and spirits of the ancient dead. Anima did not quite completely cause it, but she surely did not want to prevent it.

At the end of the Age of Destruction, most of the worlds magic was drained in order to create a magical holding cell strong enough to imprison the All Consuming Flame.


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