Ohrin the Stormlord

An avatar of The God of Hardship that separated from the god’s essence during the War of Gods in the North.


Ohrin is impulsive, forceful and fickle by nature, like the storms he represents. He is most commonly depicted as a surly old man in tattered, windblown clothing with unkempt hair and beard. Given the demeanor of his worshippers, the finer details of these depictions wary wildly, but Ohrin is invariably depicted as a male figure.

Ohrin is primarily worshipped in the North, especially by the raiders of Stormcliff and it’s surroundings. His clergy is usually clad in worn robes of dark grey, reminescent of the colour of a raincloud.

As a Deity

Controls Storms
Represents Turmoil, Might, The raw power of nature
Worshippers The ruinous, Those seeking power, and Those afraid of the forces of nature
Enemies Those who are civilized & soft
Demands Being assertive, Taking initiative, and Speaking your mind
Miracle Worker Focus The Storm

Ohrin the Stormlord

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