Order of the Dragon

One member of a warrior tribe of the People of the Forest saw the All Consuming Flame fly overhead and was inspired to create a order of warriors. At first the order was a very simple brotherhood of warriors without any clearly defined philosophy. A few generations later a mortal, a heroic member of the order, tracked down a dragon in its lair and defeated it. Instead of killing the dragon and takings its treasure, the hero forced the dragon to reveal the true nature of the order’s chosen patron, All Consuming Flame. After the hero’s return the order did its best to mirror The Order of the All Consuming Flame in their ways.

During the Age of Destruction another member of this Order tracked down the All Consuming Flame. After three months of debate the hero managed to convince the All Consuming Flame of the need to destroy the gods to protect the mortals from their destructive whims. The All Consuming Flame contacted the order and laid out a new set of beliefs for them.

All gods are actively evil. The Dragon is not a god. All gods must be cast down and destroyed for the good of the creation. To do this the greatest of the mortals must challenge the gods and their servants alongside the Dragon. The lesser mortals must challenge the mortal servants of the gods.

On The Third Age the Order of the Dragon spread to the midst of the more civilized Humans as well.

Order of the Dragon

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