Salveig was the second avatar created by The God of the People as the strategic-minded warrior to oppose Ohrin the Stormlord and to bring the art of war to the people of the world who had already shown their interest in great battles. Only the Gods know what made the first riff between The God of the People and The God of Hardship, but it was the God of the People who delivered the first blow in the War of Gods, creating the Eternal Storm of War in the North.

Salveig’s nature is fierce, calculating and unforgiving which suits her purpose well. For the most part Salveig worked with the ancestors of the Elves of Spearpoint, teaching them the tactics of tactics. Because of her time spent among the elves, in the majority of mortal artwork Salveig is often pictured having elven features. In recent art, humans of Southport and Grainstown have began to picture her as young, brown haired human woman in plate mail. This is due to the stories and songs telling that Salveig was leading the armies of Southport in the war that separated these two cities into two independent kingdoms. Regardless of race, almost every tale specifically describes her as female.

It can be argued that Salveig was perhaps the most self-reliant of the Avatars of The God of the People. When the God of the People used Her influence on the armies of Spearpoint and Southport to create an alliance against Wyrmspire at the end of the Age of Destruction, it was strange that Salveig was not among those troops she had trained herself. The stories tell that this was because the God of the People needed Salveig to keep Ohrin the Stormlord at bay because he had wrecked havoc in The White City. However, many bards prefer the versions of the story where Salveig travels on her own accord to find Ohrin and to continue their eternal fight. Depending on the teller this is either due to her interminable hatred towards him or because of something deeper, a sense of belonging together that no mortal can understand.

Salveig is worshipped especially by the elven The High Order that has its headquarters in Spearpoint. She is best known by the elves who live outside of The Weird Forest and humans of the North. Humans of Southport hold her in great value as she is the god of the art of war – in Southport Ohrin the Stormlord is seen as a less civilized option for a god of war and thus not as likable.



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