A busy, rich trading port of the Humans where the skill of reading and writing first was learned. Strongly influenced by the Church of the People whose leaders funded the building of the city. Southport is especially known for its great armies, especially their strong navy forces.

Southport is a kingdom.


In the history it is said the Northmen originally sailed North from Southport.

At the Third Age, the Northmen from Stormcliff raided Southport. Humiliated by this, The Church of the People began recruiting for an army and the city began developing brilliant fleet.

At the end of the Third Age and by the divine guidance of The God of the People, the armies of Southport allied themselves with the magical elven armies of Spearpoint and took part in the great attack against the dragonriders of Wyrmspire. Due to this, elves are always welcome to Southport.

In the recent history Southport and Grainstown waged a war which separated these two into separate kingdoms.


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