Founded by Salveig, messenger of the The God of the People for the Elves following The High Order influenced by The first Avatar.

Through the introduction of her new avatar, Salveig, The God of the People taught the elves the skills of warfare, specializing in offensive magic and raised an army of them and led them out of the The Weird Forest. Salveig waged a magnificent war against the local Fang Elven tribes to conquer the lands where she founded Spearpoint.

At the beginning of Third Age, the elves of Spearpoint begin their first war, attacking Xadz’adraz’ad as the God of the People through their clerics commanded.

Anima has commanded that the Sacred Forest is off-limits from the elves of Spearpoint, they are exiled and strangers from their own race. -1 corrupt

On the Third Age the elves of Spearpoint answered to the problem of Magic becoming unreliable by relentless study and development of more offensive magic.

Due to the whispers of The God of the People Spearpoint and Southport come up with an alliance against Wyrmspire because of the unnatural alliance of humans and dragons of Wyrmspire.


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