The first Avatar

Born on the First Ages.
Built a city to the Northern mountains.
Helped unleash the Magic with the The Great Sea Wyrm.
Visited Spearpoint briefly to help teach The High Order the art of war with Salveig.
Founded the city of New Tower and ruled it for a while.


In art the First Avatar is pictured in so many ways it is difficult to distinguish anything specific in the Avatars appearance. Each race picture the Avatar as being of their own race and even within one race or culture there seems to be no consensus on whether the Avatar is male or female.

In the stories of history the Avatar has often taken the place of a wise king or queen, ruling for a short but important while. During these times the civilization the Avatar has been guiding has always advanced in one way or another: developed their penmanship, trade, built armies or developed some other civilized area of life. Most of these monarchs are real characters of history, but it is uncertain whether the Avatar has taken their place for a short space of time or if he or she really has been that monarch. There is also a theory that the Avatar has simply been the adviser of those wise monarchs.

The first Avatar

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