The God of the People


The God of the People has been called many things among mortals and Gods alike, but God of the People is the most appropriate of those names. Ever since the Age of Darkness, The God of the People has busied Herself with the dealings of mortal civilizations. In particular She enjoys the creation of rules and laws within a new civilization and encourages growth, change and interaction of all kinds. In mortal artwork She is without exception portrayed as a middle-aged human woman. Often She is portrayed in the act of writing, reading or just holding books, but always Her eyes staring at the viewer.

The God of the People has worked among all the races. The Dwarves The Rule of the People was influenced by Her and within humans the Church of the People still pays respect to the God of the People and Her first Avatar who created them.

Some call Her the God of Conflict or War but that is only one side of Her. Conflict belongs in the nature of the mortals, it is deeply nested in their hearts and souls. Therefore the God of the People must also be involved in wars and conflicts. The High Order is the only militaristic cult following the God of Conflict.

The name “God of Magic” is based on a misunderstanding of stories. While magic was released into the world by the God of the People, it was in mutual agreement with the Keeper of the Scales. The God of the People has been deeply fascinated not with what magic in itself is, but with what magic is at the hands of mortals. This is also why The God of the People influenced in the building of New Tower which was a beacon of civilization in terms of research in Magic.

The Avatars of The God of the People

The first Avatar was created by the God of the People as Her Avatar at the very beginning of The Age of Darkness to walk the world and to act on Her behalf when a physical form was useful. It was this Avatar the God of the People used to bring life to the first people to walk the world – humans. While the humans were the only ones the first Avatar directly created and the ones most affected by the Avatar’s work, the God of the People also briefly guided other races through Her first Avatar when it was necessary.

Salveig was the second avatar created by the God of the People as the strategic-minded female warrior to oppose Ohrin the Stormlord and to bring the art of war to the people of the world who had already shown their interest in great battles. For the most part Salveig worked with the ancestors of the Elves of Spearpoint, teaching them the tactics of war. It can be argued that Salveig was perhaps the most self-reliant of the Avatars of The God of the People, mostly due to her interminable hatred towards Ohrin the Stormlord.

The last Avatar the God of the People created was the Champion of the People, whom she created out of a common mortal to join the Gods’ fight against the All Consuming Flame. In the end this Avatar perished in the battle. It is unsure whether it was the creation or the death of the Champion that caused the God of the People to retreat from the world. Be that as it may, She nowadays only influences the world subtly through individuals.

The God of the People

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