the God of the Underworld

Threvash the God of the Underworld

When The God of Hardship put death upon mortals, he created the Underworld to hold all the mortal souls who had lost their bodies. The act of creating the underworld, a formless space also created Threvash who was initially dismissed since he too lacked all form.

The dead mortals now confined within the underworld soon became desperate and depressed: their prison was dismal and each of them had ever less space as more and more people, plants and animals died. Threvash observed the mortals and was moved to pity by their plight. Threvash reformed the underworld, he divided it into sections, each one different and unique. To ensure the underworld would never become overcrowded he moved it adjacent to the ever changing and endless plane of dreams, so that more sections would be added to the underworld as more space was required. Finally, since the mortals preferred some sections over others, he instituted rules governing which sections the newly arrived mortals would be placed in, and when and how they might move from one section to another. Now the mortals, while often unhappy over being barred from the material world, were at least content.

Threvash could not reform the underworld while it contained all the souls of the dead mortals without destroying them. He had to expel them somewhere, but The God of Hardship had decreed that once the mortal’s body had died the soul was not permitted to return to it. Threvash heard that () and () were creating magic while Threvash was planning his reform of the underworld and found the loop-hole he was looking for. Instead of returning the mortal souls into their dead bodies, which he was forbidden from doing, he infused them into the raw magic itself soon after it was created. This got the souls out of the underworld, but gave magic a decidedly sapient and at times even a social aspect.

Immediately after his reform of the underworld was complete, Threvash found out that some mortals were still unhappy over their placement or their fate. To handle these disputes over the interpretation of his rules, Threvash created servants that were remarkably similar to dwarves in temperament. Soon, as ever more servants were required to handle the ever increasing number of inhabitants, Threvash decreed that dwarves would join these servants upon arrival in the underworld.

After the reform of the underworld, some of those souls that had been infused into magic petitioned Threvash to be allowed to return to the material world. The fusion with magic had made them into new beings, they argued, that had never had bodies that might have died and therefore allowing them to return to the material world would not violate the The God of Hardship’s decree. Threvash thought long and hard about this issue and ultimately decided to infuse these magical souls into newborn babies. He created the Vortex of Souls to handle such petitions.

By most accounts a decent, if somewhat ineffectual god.

Created a map of the entrances of the underworld within the white city.

Could not appear on the material world as more than a graffiti.

Considered red the greatest color, instructed mortals to honor their dead by elaborate burial rituals, burial grounds, the color red and a respectful manner.

Worshipped by the Cult of the Red Grave and later the Order of the Red God.

The God of the Underworld was finally killed by the All Consuming Flame, a great weapon he himself had created.

the God of the Underworld

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