The Master of the Hunt

An Avatar of the Upheaver that appeared among the Fang Elves and drove them to a conflict and skirmishes with the Northmen, ultimately to spread as far and wide as possible in what is called The Hunt.

One long night The Master of the Hunt appeared in The Weird Forest, hungry and eager for the kill. When his howl rang across the Forest and beyond the weak trembled and the strong lifted their heads, for all knew then that a great culling was about to begin.

So this ever-shifting shape, part elf and part whatever beast it wished, charged through the land devouring as it went. The strong managed to avoid it, and hearing the call of The Hunt in their hearts would turn to follow their Master in his heedless rampage. Fang elves and other predators trailed him in a mass of teeth and claws.

As the suns finally rose, the Master stood upright and tall, and called for all Fang Elves to shirk the sloth of their prey and heed their hearts’ desire to venture out into the unknown, proving themselves true apex predators. And in the following years the most savage of beasts have flooded out from under the eaves of the Forest, hungry for flesh yet untasted, for sights and sounds yet left unexperienced.

Wherever the frontier lay, wherever the fight for survival the most desperate, there the Master of the Hunt would always appear, as if the great ranges of the Eastern Continent were nothing to him.

Yet tales are told in which the Master has been approached and spoken with, even befriended. But never without a price in flesh and blood.

The Master of the Hunt

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