Vortex of Souls

An avatar of the God of the Underworld. A vortex that is at the bottom of the world and brings souls back from the The Underworld.

The Vortex of Souls was originally created to oversee the petitioners who requested to be returned to the world of the living. The vortex proved corruptible and over the aeons has become increasingly cruel.

The Vortex of Souls has a direct relationship with all necromancers as part of their craft. The greatest joy the Vortex is in dealing with the mortals who constantly contact it. In the Vortex’s mind nothing matches giving the mortal everything he or she asks and hopes for, but ultimately having the granted wish destroy the mortal.

If traditionals alignments were a thing, the Vortex would be Chaotic Evil.

Vortex of Souls

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