In response to being tricked by Anima into leaving the tides untended and the subsequent Second Great Deluge, the The Great Sea Wyrm saw that the world was on the brink of chaos and called upon the most valiant of the Order of the Scales and the noblest of Dragons to erect a mighty tower-fortress where the Great Volcano and the Primordial Ocean Stream – wonders of nature that had stood strong since the beginning of the world – connected. This monument of blue-veined white rock rose up almost half as high as the Great Volcano and was called Wyrmspire.

Designed as a bastion of stability, the Great Sea Wyrm blessed the waters and the winds around it so that no storm or other disruptive force could reach its walls, and within them was based an implacable army of the most pure-hearted warriors in the world who would ride great dragons to defend the world against any great threat.

This development did not go unnoticed, and before long Salveig led a great armada from Spearpoint to besiege Wyrmspire. They were joined by Northmen, a portion of the wave of raiders crashing against the coasts of all surrounding lands. The siege was long and furious, a slew of battles the likes of which had not been seen between mortals before or since. The cost was high to all involved, and was one reason for the Keeper of the Scales to summon a great meeting of the gods.

At the meeting The Great Sea Wyrm conceded that the swift construction of something as mighty as Wyrmspire may have provoked the warlike forces that ended up faced against it. It was agreed that Wyrmspire and its forces would be maintained during the Time of the Mortals, but that it would be shrouded in mists and unreachable by outsiders. The dragonriders, now battle-hardened into the most elite of warriors, would maintain its strength by recruiting the greatest heroes, promising vigorous “retirement” in a fortress full of like-minded luminaries preparing to literally save the world at the behest of the gods.

And so Wyrmspire passed from mortal realms to history, and then legend, watching over a world it was no longer a part of.


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