A really hot woman... literally


Neutral female sorcerer Mage, level 5

STR 13 ( +1), DEX 16 ( +2), CON 12 (0), INT 9 (0), WIS 9 (0), CHA 18 ( +3)

HP 16; Armor 0; Damage d4 (dagger)

Note: As her racial ability, this character uses CHA instead of INT for spellcasting.


Arcane Learning
You are a font of esoteric knowledge. When you Spout Lore or Discern Realities about something magical or otherwise arcane, on a 10+ the GM will also tell you a little-known secret about the subject.

Cast a Spell (CHA)
When you weave a spell to help solve a problem, describe it and roll+CHA. Spells cast this way can never deal damage directly. On a 10+, the spell certainly helps, but choose one. On a 7-9, the spell takes effect, but then choose two:
• Your spell won’t last long – you’ll need to hurry to take advantage of it.
• Your spell affects either much more or much less than you wanted it to.
• Your spell has unforeseen side effects, and might draw unwanted attention.
• The casting saps your energy. You take -1 ongoing to CHA until you have a few minutes to clear your head.
On a miss, something’s gone horribly wrong. Your spell may well have worked, but you will regret casting it.

Spell Focus
When you weave a spell that is Aligned to your Focus, your modifier to the roll can’t be less than +1. When you weave a spell that is neither Aligned nor Opposed to your Focus, take -1 to the roll. You can never weave a spell if it is Opposed to your focus.
Focus: The Dragon
Look: Body of Coal and Embers (coal black skin and hair, black irises that flash with flame when she is roused, always distinctly warm)
Aligned: Form of the Dragon, Burn with Fire or Passion, Reckless Destruction
Opposed: Healing or Repairing, Using Subtlety

Black Magic (CHA)
When you weave a spell to inflict pain, choose two tags and roll+CHA. If you do not pick any Range tags, the Range defaults to Hand. On a hit, deal 1d8 damage. On a 7-9, also choose 1:
• You draw unwanted attention or put someone in a spot.
• The GM removes a non-range tag of their choice, and you deal -1 damage.
• The casting saps your energy. You take -1 ongoing to CHA until you have a few minutes to clear your head.
Tags: Close, Reach, Near, Debilitating (-1 damage), Elemental (choose 1), Forceful, Messy (+d4 damage), Piercing 2, Subtle, Two Targets (-1 damage), Area (-2 damage).

Counterspell (CHA)
When you counter a magical spell as it is cast, roll INT. On a 10, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 1:
• The spell deals no damage.
• The spell’s effects are superficial and temporary.
• You take +1 forward against the caster.
• Use Black Magic against the caster immediately, even if you don’t have the
move. You don’t need to specify a Range tag.

Battle Mage
Adds tags to Black Magic. Selecting a Range tag doe not count as one of the two choices.

Merciless via Multiclass Dabbler
When you deal damage, deal +1d4 damage.

When you draw on a place of power to create a magical effect, tell the GM what you’re trying to achieve. Ritual effects are always possible, but the GM will give you one to four of the following conditions:
• It’s going to take days/weeks/months
• First you must ____
• The result will be a lesser version, unreliable or limited
• It will need help from ____
• It will require a lot of money
• You’ll have to disenchant ____ to do it
• You and your allies will risk danger from ____

Hireling stats and moves: Loyalty 2, Adept 4, Warrior 6
Arcane Assistance—When an adept aids in the casting of a spell of lower level than their skill, the spell’s effects have greater range, duration, or potency. The exact effects depend on the situation and the spell and are up to the GM. The GM will describe what effects the assist will add before the spell is cast. The most important feature of casting with an adept is that any negative effects of the casting are focused on the adept first.
Man-at-arms—When you deal damage while a warrior aids you add their skill to the damage done. If your attack results in consequences (like a counter attack) the man-at-arms takes the brunt of it.

Gear (load 4/8)

Bronze collar (indestructible arcane treasure, wgt 1)
Dagger (hand, wgt 1)
Antitoxin, 3 doses
Dungeon rations, 5 uses (wgt 1)
Red silken robe and veil
Magic pearl


Rafael is but a fool.
Wenna fears no mortal threat.
Høwke is a kindred spirit.
There’s something strange about Ix’i’s behaviour towards me.

Eyfris is a very striking young woman. Coal-black of skin, hair and eye, she moves with the grace and predatory intensity of a panther. But it is the power within her that makes her impossible to miss: even at her coolest Eyfris’ skin is hot to the touch, like ebony left in the desert sun, and when she is roused this heat kindles her eyes like embers, and from there gouts of destructive flame are never far away.

It is because of her penchant for emotional conflagrations that Eyfris travels light and non-flammable. She satisfies the public’s demand for modesty – if only barely – with a bikini top and loincloth made from fine links of bronze, and any miscallenous items she carries in an easily discarded shoulder bag of the same leather blacksmiths use in their aprons.

The most unusual items she has are the bronze cuffs around her ankles, wrists and neck. All are seamless and carved with sigils that glow and shift with the flow of Eyfris’ magic, and a large ruby set in the front of her collar burns brighter with her passions. These are no mere decorations, for they are unbreakable by mundane means, and their sinister purpose as restraints shows in the rings that are attached to them, their hinges making them jingle like bells with her every move.

It was her parents that sold her into her bondage. Eyfris remembers this and everything before it vaguely, knowing only that in her dreams faces take shape and sounds turn into words, but always upon waking she is met again by confusion and frustration. There is one face she never forgets, though, one that couldn’t be clearer: the pale, cruel beauty of the woman who bought her.

This woman, the mighty wizard Marbiaga, has always towered over Eyfris in the girl’s mind. For some ten years Eyfris grew in her shadow, under her gaze, and ever wary for that crooked grin that foretold another painful humiliation, another sugar-coated torment. The only chance at peace was through total obedience – and even then, the humourless whim of her dispassionate mistress reduced this to but a chance. In the tall spires and ornate halls of Marbiaga’s high-walled mansion in New Tower she both conducted experiments and entertained visitors, both often unspeakable in nature. As one of Marbiaga’s slaves, Eyfris saw trained and conditioned to serve as entertainment: she would dance for her, wait on her, fuck for her, and abase herself for her in countless ways. So Eyfris’ heart hardened along with her body.

It has not been very long since some light was shed on Marbiaga’s purpose. Under the prismatic cupola of the highest tower, her sanctum, Eyfris was suspended spread-eagle from the mystical manacles she has worn ever since she entered her mistress’ service. She hung there for what felt like an eternity, an eldritch chanting droning in her ears. Finally, Marbiaga appeared, bearing in her snowy hands a great bronze collar with a flaming ruby on its front and a chain hanging from the ring at its back. It must have weighed more than the wizard herself, yet appeared light as a feather. She slipped it over the girl’s head, and then it shrunk tight; so tight it strangled Eyfris’ screams. Gasping, crying, and finally blacking out, Eyfris heard her mistress’ cackling laughter for the first time.

Then, in the darkness a spark emerged. It rushed toward her, forming wings and a twisting snake-like body. It grew ever greater with every twist and turn of its approach. It was teeth, claws, scales and burning fire wrapping itself around her, and it brought its eye, shining with the blue of the hottest flame, right in front of her face, almost touching. Then she felt more than heard the words “Long have I slumbered, in this black egg lain curled; my vessel swallows my heart, born again my twin in the Art; come, sister, be afraid no more, breathe deep the flames and let out our roar!”

Eyfris snapped awake in the midst of an inferno. The screams of the apprentices weakened as their lungs burned, and all that was left of Marbiaga’s cackle was but an echo. The chains that bound Eyfris melted in the heat, but as she rose she saw the wizard standing untouched by the conflagration, protected by pale blue spirits. For all the power burning in her veins, Eyfris froze in place before Marbiaga’s icy gaze, and when she saw that all too familiar grin forming on those bloodless lips panic rose within her. Before she knew what had happened she had dove out of a gaping hole in the tower wall and was soaring away towards the sea on wings of fire.

Flying in the cool sea air Eyfris experienced peace like no other. “Free,” she muttered. And again she heard a laugh for the first time – hers, unrestrained and joyous. With all her might she shouted “I am freeeee!” just before her fiery wings sputtered out and she crashed into the sea.

She came to on a Northman ship, to the sound of someone singing.

(Image “Soowan on Fire” by Laura Ferreira: http://laura-ferreira.deviantart.com/art/Soowan-on-Fire-213590435)


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