DW1: Rockin' the Sewers!

Thølien was stalking outside the walls when a ratman in Aleria’s armour burst out of a sewer outlet. He tackled the thing and interrogated it. It told him about the rest of the group having beaten it and its friends up, and about how it tricked them into letting it go and giving it the armour.

Thølien rushed forth into the sewer tunnels in search of his fellows. He found Lur’s upper torso and arms and followed tails of blood to Aleria. Lativus was nowhere to be seen. Asammun, on the other hands, was. Seeing him half-dead and surrounded by cultists, Thølien powered through to hand the dwarf a healing potion, which the latter then fumbled with and broke. Aleria’s blessing whistle at Asammun garnered some attention as well. But no one noticed the viper nipping at the head cultist.

During the ensuing battle the viper turned into a hooded human who called on the rocks above to collapse upon the ritual. We managed to free the last of the nuns before the rockfalls got out of hand and buried the cultists, as well as the mystery human and Asammun. Aleria had intercepted with her own body the tendrils reaching for the last four nuns while they were being freed. The rocks collapsed on the tendrils and cut her loose from their agonizing grasp, freeing her to help the stumbling Thølien into a stable tunnel, however battered and bruised. From there she tossed Lur’s severed head for the crowd gathering around the edges of the newly made hole in the ceiling to gawk at, and she shouted “This was done by Lur!”

To everyone’s great wonderment Asammun burrowed out from underneath the rock. Thølien left Aleria’s healing embrace to charge into the dwarf’s arms. After the boys had bromanced a bit we bugged out of the city and made camp in the woods.

On his watch Thølien spoke unto his sword, “What was that ritual all about?” and the sword answered in his head “They were trying to create new life, of course. Were you dropped on your head as a child?” Thølien called out “Who goes there?”

And then a cloaked human man emerged from the woods, asking if we’d seen Niels, a man matching the description of the mystery human at the ritual. Thølien and a waking Aleria invited Dodge to join them by the fire. They told him of his friend’s demise. Together they mourned Niels and briefed him about the political machinations we’d discovered from the High Priest’s correspondence.

Morning came.

Asammun had been sent back from the Gates of Death to teach an apprentice, and had decided that Thølien would be the one.

We headed south, towards New Tower. On the way Dodge spoke of rumours about cults and necromancy and stuff in New Tower.

On the way we ran into very lifelike statues. Or rather petrified persons. Thølien saw a snake-haired woman, and knew from lore that this was a creature that could “turn men rock-hard with a glance.”

The medusa walked into her lair and Thølien followed. The rest of us went looking for him, and saw him just as he entered the cave. Dodge wasn’t quite sure if it was looking at or being looked upon by the medusa that turns people into stone. Aleria ran after Thølien.

Thølien, having sneaked a peek at the medusa’a luscious form, he was just about to scamper out when his gaze locked onto the medusa’s boobs. Aleria covered Thølien’s eyes and pushed him into cover, but was left transfixed by the aforementioned mammaries. At Thølien’s insistence and after some bemusing pleasantries she ran off with the northman, giggling.

The party proceeded enthusiastically at random, which took them to Rivermark in record time.


Kohme MuadMouse

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